Accepted papers

Zhikun She and Bai Xue. Algebraic Analysis on Asymptotic Stability of Switched Hybrid System
Matthias Althoff and Bruce Krogh. Avoiding Intersection Operations in Reachability Analysis of Hybrid Systems
Pierre Roux, Romain Jobredeaux, Pierre-Loic Garoche and Éric Féron. A Generic Ellipsoid Abstract Domain for Linear Time Invariant Systems
Massimo Benerecetti, Marco Faella and Stefano Minopoli. Reachability Games for Linear Hybrid Systems
Feng Zhu, Han Yu, Michael Mccourt and Panos Antsaklis. Passivity and Stability of Switched Systems Under Quantization
Ilya Tkachev and Alessandro Abate. Regularization of Bellman equations for infinite-horizon probabilistic properties
Sadegh Esmaeil Zadeh Soudjani and Alessandro Abate. Probabilistic Invariance of Mixed Deterministic-Stochastic Dynamical Systems
Alessandro Colombo and Domitilla Del Vecchio. Efficient algorithms for collision avoidance at intersections
Akshay Rajhans and Bruce H. Krogh. Heterogeneous Verification of Cyber-Physical Systems using Behavior Relations
Heath Leblanc and Xenofon Koutsoukos. Low Complexity Resilient Consensus in Networked Multi-Agent Systems with Adversaries
Peter Schrammel and Bertrand Jeannet. From Hybrid Data-Flow Languages to Hybrid Automata: A Complete Translation
Vamsi Putta, Guangwei Zhu, Jianghai Hu and Jinglai Shen. Efficient Computation of Generalized Input-to-State L2-Gains of Discrete-Time Switched Linear Systems
Emeka Eyisi, Jia Bai, Derek Riley, Jiannian Weng, Yan Wei, Yuan Xue, Xenofon Koutsoukos and Janos Sztipanovits. NCSWT: An Integrated Modeling and Simulation Tool for Networked Control Systems
Taolue Chen, Marco Diciolla, Marta Kwiatkowska and Alexandru Mereacre. Verification of Linear Duration Properties over Continuous Time Markov Chains
Ufuk Topcu, Necmiye Ozay, Jun Liu and Richard Murray. On Synthesizing Robust Discrete Controllers under Modeling Uncertainty
Ebru Aydin Gol, Mircea Lazar and Calin Belta. Language-Guided Controller Synthesis for Discrete-Time Linear Systems
Sriram Sankaranarayanan and Georgios Fainekos. Falsification of Temporal Properties of Hybrid Systems Using the Cross-Entropy Method
Shahab Kaynama, John Maidens, Meeko Oishi, Ian M. Mitchell and Guy A. Dumont. Computing the Viability Kernel Using Maximal Reachable Sets
Christoffer Sloth, George Pappas and Rafael Wisniewski. Compositional Safety Analysis using Barrier Certificates
Alessandro Borri, Giordano Pola and Maria Domenica Di Benedetto. A symbolic approach to the design of nonlinear networked control systems
Zhenqi Huang and Sayan Mitra. Computing Bounded Reach Sets from Sampled Traces of Simulink/Stateflow Models
Aaron Ames, Eric Cousineau and Matthew Powell. Dynamically Stable Bipedal Robotic Walking with NAO via Human-Inspired Hybrid Zero Dynamics
Parasara Sridhar Duggirala and Sayan Mitra. Lyapunov Abstractions for Inevitability of Hybrid Systems
Rajeev Alur, Ashutosh Trivedi and Dominik Wojtczak. Optimal Scheduling for Constant-Rate Multi-Mode System
Linar Mikeev and Verena Wolf. Parameter Estimation for Stochastic Hybrid Models of Biochemical Reaction Networks
Nadir Matringe, Arnaldo Moura and Rachid Rebiha. Transcendental Inductive Invariants Generation for Non-linear Differential and Hybrid Systems
Paolo Zuliani, Christel Baier and Edmund Clarke. Rare-Event Verification for Stochastic Hybrid Systems
Pavithra Prabhakar, Geir E. Dullerud and Mahesh Viswanathan. Pre-orders for reasoning about Stability
Lichun Li, Michael Lemmon and Xiaofeng Wang. Stabilizing Bit-Rates in Quantized Event Triggered Control Systems